Conference Volunteering in Social Services

Publikováno 5. 1. 2011 | Hestia
  • Místo: Prague, Goethe institut
  • Datum: 2011-01-31 09:30:00 - 2011-01-31 16:00:00

The Conference will focus in position of volunteers in social services, present development in this sphere and mapping barriers and opportunities of volunteering in social services.

Aim 1: To call attention to developing volunteer services in social services and to use the European Year of Volunteering 2011 for a more intensive PR and awareness of social services providers about possibilities of co-operation and assistence of volunteers.

Aim 2: To introduce examples of a good practice; to work out a SWOT analysis of volunteering in social services; to introduce and propose modifications of the Volunteering in Social Services chapter of website and to discuss its content or content of Methodology of Volunteering in Social Services..

From the Conference programme: Barriers of volunteering in social services; Volunteering in social services from the point of view of Volunteer Service Law; Examples of a good practice – residential and non-residential services, streetwork; Managing volunteers in the organization; SWOT analysis of volunteering in social services; Needs of social services; Questions that should be answered by Methodology of Volunteering in Social Services; Methodology synopsis

Substitutional topics: Edification of emloyees of the organization about volunteering; How to guarantee the quality  of social services done by volunteers, Dividing line between volunteers and professional social performers